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Canopy Insider

This podcast is all about Trees, Treework, Tree Climbers, and Arborculture. It is great for Arborists, all who work in the Tree Care industry, Tree service company owners and employees, builders, graders, landscapers, homeowners, and doggies. Yes doggies. We love dogs.We will be covering a wide range of topics like Safety Culture, Rigging, Rest Recovery & Self Care, and much much more!

Resources & Recommendations

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Carolina Paredes of Beast Coast Tree Climbers and discuss why self-care is an absolute must in tree care.


At Optimal Arboriculture we are passionate about optimizing and preserving our communities trees and urban forest. We apply techniques and practices from industry research to help prolong the life of your trees and help them thrive. Call us today to have a Certified Arborist assess your trees!

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Helping the Tree Care Industry
reinvent their idea of Safety Training. We offer training and development, consulting, and public speaking for any industry events.


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