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Canopy Class

Created in December 2020, by Burke Outdoor and Beast Coast Tree Climbers, Canopy Class is an educational platform for individuals working or interested in arboriculture. With an emphasis on safety, these quarterly classes showcase proper climbing and rigging techniques, gear set-up and usage, business practices and much more. Classes are held in Morganton, North Carolina and combine both classroom instruction and demonstrations. Most classes offer continuing education credits through TCIA and ISA. More information on these classes and CEU’s can be found by visiting

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Canopy Insider

This podcast is all about Trees, Treework, Tree Climbers, and Arborculture. It is great for Arborists, all who work in the Tree Care industry, Tree service company owners and employees, builders, graders, landscapers, homeowners, and doggies. Yes doggies. We love dogs.We will be covering a wide range of topics like Safety Culture, Rigging, Rest Recovery & Self Care, and much much more!

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